Organisation profile

Zeeko Ltd. is a young and dynamic UK based technology company with ultra-precision polishing and metrology solutions for optics and other complex surfaces.

It specialises in the manufacturing and commercialisation of Ultra-Precision Polishing Machines known as the Intelligent Robotic Polishers (IRP) for fabricating high precision optics, orthopaedic joints, semiconductor applications and precision moulds in a number of different materials.

Zeeko was established in 2000 and possesses globally protected IPR extending to over 50 worldwide patents. It has taken part in several international collaborative projects and its commitment to innovation has been rewarded with a 2011 Queen’s Award for innovation.

Zeeko has facilities in St. Asaph and Coalville in the UK as well as in the USA and Japan.

Relevant Expertise

Design and assembly of CNC machine tools with 6+ axes of motions for deterministic polishing of high precision optics and other materials as well as controller integration for those machines.

In-House development of CAD/CAM software suite for the design of simple to freeform shapes to be polished and the generation of the associated tool paths. This CAM software is specific to dwell time based sub-aperture processes. It is complemented by a comprehensive metrology toolkit used for the analysis and processing of metrology data.