Walter / EWAG

Organisation profile

EWAG AG was founded in 1946 as a manufacturer of precision tools for the Swiss watch industry. Due to the need for high precision grinding machines, EWAG started later to develop its own machines, changing the business focus of the company from tool production to development and manufacturing of machine tools for high precision tool manufacturing. In the 1980’s EWAG started to develop machine tool solutions for the diamond tool business and pioneered with the first combination of EDM (roughing) and grinding processes (finishing) in a single setup. This combined machining process was transferred in the 1990’s to the new product series, EWAMATIC LINE, a versatile high-end 6-axis EDM-/grinding centre. Other than pressure-controlled diamond grinding and EDM-machining EWAG started in 2008 the laser machining of ultra-hard materials. EWAG focussed from the beginning on the advantages of ultra-short pulsed laser ablation with picosecond lasers and is respected in the market as the pioneer for machining diamond tool edges and cavities with ultra-short pulsed lasers in a single setup.

Today, EWAG stands for high precision and high quality machine tool solutions and is a world leading supplier especially in the area of ultra-hard material processing by means of grinding, EDM and laser technologies. EWAG is since 2000, a member of the Koerber Schleifring Group. Since 2010, WALTER Maschinenbau GmbH and EWAG AG are formed together to the WALTER EWAG Tooling Division of the Koerber Schleifring Group. WALTER EWAG is today respected as the market and technology leader with high-quality grinding-, EDM-, measuring- and laser-machines.

Relevant Expertise

WALTER and EWAG have over 30 years of experience and knowhow in processing of diamond tools and a well-known reputation for precision and quality. EWAG pioneered the area of machining diamond tools with ultra-short pulsed lasers and is today among the leading suppliers for laser ablation solutions in the tool manufacturing sector. The developed LASER LINE series provides the PLA workstation with a fully 5-axis kinematics, superimposed scan-head, automatic focal spot shifter and environmental control.