Company profile

Founded in 1788 in Zurich, Reishauer is today the world’s leading manufacturer of gear grinding machines. In the early 1940’s, Reishauer introduced the first gear flank grinding machine ZA and thus starting in the 1970’s became the market leader in the continuous generating gear grinding technology with customers all over the world, mainly in the automotive industry. Today the Reishauer Group has a dominant market share of the gear grinding process in the entire automotive industry and in addition to the grinding process of high-volume car and truck powertrains Reishauer is designing and producing machine tools to grind gears in the train-, wind turbine- and watercraft industry.

In 1999 the “Diamond & CBN-tooling division” was founded. This division now employs over 100 people and produces various kinds of high-precision super-abrasive tools, ceramic wheels and clamping mandrels.
Reishauer offers support, research and development regarding application know-how covering state-of-the-art gear grinding including the main components such as tooling, process and machine.

Relevant Expertise for this project

Reishauer’s Tooling Division has a profound knowledge and long-lasting experience in qualifying, cleaning, sorting and sieving diamonds and other superabrasives. In addition, Reishauer is specialising in plating natural diamond, synthetic diamond and CBN on positive-plated tools / negative-plated tools with grit sizes from 1μm to 1500μm.

CVD, MCD and PCD are also employed. All electrolytes are internally developed and added with defined single organic compounds. Tolerances of the therein plated tools vary due to customer demands from ± 1μm to ± 5μm in profile, shape and concentric run-out.