Element Six

Organisation profile

The Element Six Group (E6), part of the De Beers Group, is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of synthetic diamond super-materials. Element Six operates globally with its head office registered in Luxembourg, and primary manufacturing facilities in Ireland, China, Germany, Sweden, South Africa and the UK.

For over 50 years, the core business has remained the synthesis and processing of synthetic diamond super-materials, a term which includes manufactured synthetic diamond and other (ultra-hard) super-materials such as cubic boron nitride (CBN), tungsten carbide and silicon cemented diamond. While synthetic diamond is well known as the planet’s hardest known material, it has many extreme properties and is one of the most useful and remarkable materials.

Relevant Expertise

Expertise in manufacturing very pure synthetic diamond using chemical vapour deposition (CVD) techniques.
High pressure, high temperature (HPHT) synthesis to manufacture synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN), and high temperature sintering to produce tungsten carbide products.
These super-materials are used in applications including cutting, grinding, drilling, shearing and polishing. This has driven demand in industrial sectors as diverse as automotive, aerospace, oil and gas drilling, mining, electronics, road maintenance, stone and construction, and wood-working.