Organisation profile

Established in 1920 Diamoutils initially began by serving the bearing manufacturing industry by specializing in diamond tooling for grinding applications. By the start of the 1970s, the company had made inroads into polycrystalline diamond tools (PCD) and cubic boron nitride (CBN) cutting tools to satisfy the manufacturing industry’s insatiable appetite for high performance cutting tools to machine hard steels and exotic alloys. Today, Diamoutils is an innovative manufacturer of various kinds of super-abrasive tools. The company’s portfolio includes conception, development and manufacturing of customised cutting, grinding, super-finishing tools in ultra-hard diamond and CBN materials. The main application for Diamoutils products are drilling, countersinking, milling and turning processes in challenging and specialised high value-added manufacturing sectors (e.g. aerospace structures and engines, astronautics/satellites, optical and automotive industries). The company has an excellent reputation, in particular within the aerospace industry.

Relevant Expertise

Diamoutils has more than three decades experience in the manufacturing of customised super-abrasive tools for highly specialised machining processes. The company works for major aircraft manufacturers on machining applications for new aircraft materials and is constantly working on structure composite to improve processing applications. Furthermore Diamoutils is currently working with the R&D centres of major Tier 1 on machining of new hybrid composite/ceramic materials for space applications.